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Each Springer and Cocker spaniel will be registered with the Kennel Club and you will receive its papers with its pedigree 'Kennel Name' when you finally pick your puppy up. Since Sprockers are not Kennel Club recognised as they are considered a mixed breed, we do our own 'birth certificates' for them so you have a proper record of parentage and birth date.

We are always going to be more than happy to help and give you advice in any way. Whether its five minutes after you have left with your pup, the day, month or even the next year. If we can help, we will. There is also a strong support system going on though our face book page, so its certainly worth having a read though that and introducing yourself to the masses.

In the time that we have your puppy you are welcome to come and visit him or her at any point. Puppies grow so quickly we think its important for you not to miss this lovely stage of their lives. If time and work etc makes this unfeasible for you I regularly post photos and videos of the puppies on our ‘Facebook’ page so you can keep an eye on their progress on a daily basis. I am also happy just to email or text photos to you.

In addition to being a registered breeder with the Kennel Club we are also licensed as a dog breeder with Suffolk County Council. We are visited and inspected regularly to ensure our facilities and dog / puppy care is first class - the inspections cover everything; from our food preparation, the food itself, the washing, drying, cleaning aspect of the kennels, all to keep everything in tip top condition. Our puppy areas are scrutinised, our protocols printed out and approved, even fire risk assessments are done.

When it comes to our dogs health, each and everyone is fully inoculated and kennel coughed, wormed regularly and looked after like royalty. Each pup is:

  • Vet checked at birth / docked if the new owner requests it
  • Treated for worms at three and five weeks of age.
  • Microchipped
  • Checked and treated as necessary for lice, fleas and ear mites.
  • Vet checked again at eight weeks and innoculated - if there are any problems you are the first to know.
  • In the week before leaving the pups are given a combination treatment which eradicates fleas, any lingering worms and ear mites. Hopefully they will have none of these but this works as a preventative for the month to come.

When you pick up your pup we will go through exactly what he / she is eating, how much and how often, and how you should adjust the quantities as your puppy grows. We will also discuss the balance between treats (an essential puppy training tool) and ensuring your puppy's dietary intake remains balanced.

It is important to ease the transition away from "mum / brothers / sisters" to your home, you are welcome to leave a blanket here to get some of the mum's scent, or we can give you a piece of towel which will have lived with the pups for a while - either will provide comfort to a small puppy in the middle of the night.

Your puppy will also be aware of the wider world - we do a good job in cat, child and chicken training or whatever else you may be worried about.

Finally we are always at the end of a phone or laptop for any sudden worries you have!!, or if you want to send us an email or photo of how your puppy is getting along - we can add it to our ever growing albums

Remember quality doesnt come cheap - we provide healthy, happy puppies ready to blend into your family / life!! - so easily that you will wonder whether they have ever not been there

Current prices

We use the most effective and best quality products we can across all three types of Spaniels and we have no intention of cutting any corners from our quality of vet and health care through to the basics such as high level disinfectant and human grade dog food.

Our prices include:

  • Vet check at birth
  • Docking (only on some litters)
  • Worming at three and five weeks
  • The best quality puppy food you can find! (Salters)
  • Micro-chipping
  • Introduction to crate training
  • Teaching the puppy to be happily groomed, bathed and have teeth checked
  • Socialising with other dogs, cats, chickens, household noise and kids.
  • Treating with Stronghold before leaving (treat ear mite, fleas and worms)
  • First vaccine at eight weeks (Nobivac Lepto 2 / Lepto 4 and DHP)

Sprocker Spaniels: £800

English Springer Spaniels: £900

Cocker Spaniels: £950

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