Whisp - Uggeshall Will 'o the Whisp

Whisp - Uggeshall Will 'o the Whisp

Working English Springer Spaniel - Black and White

Kennel Club registration No: AS04146601

Her name just came to me as I first laid eyes on this new born pup; I knew she was going to be ours, no question there. Daughter of Willow and Eddie, she takes reference from them both. With Eddie’s solid good nature and calm she mixes this with her Mothers playfulness. Like both her parents she insists on full eye contact at every meeting, gained by approaching you at speed and then gently lifting her front paws in the air so she totters about like a dancing bear. She is a quiet Springer, I don’t think I have ever heard her bark, and like her Mother she was quick to train and always willing to please.

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Lightning At Midnight Sire Helmsway Heath FTCH Sire Clangregor Albammach of Biteabout
Dam Helmsway Honey
Dam Clodahill Lego Sire Skronedale Remus
Dam Clodahill Annie
Dam Uggeshall Shooting Star Sire Foxy Fowler Jake at Cedarose Sire Clanicker Mick FTCH
Dam Marshepark Ash
Dam Goldcombe Firecrest Sire Hard at Art of Flintwood
Dam Goldcombe Moonstar Dancer
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