Our Waiting List

The waiting list runs approximately twelve months ahead. From looking at which girl had puppies in the previous year we can estimate her next season and subsequent puppies so for example if ‘Doris’has her pups on January 1st she will come into season four months later, she will not have puppies this time but we will wait until her next season in October to have a litter the following January and so on.

BUT everything relies on Mother Nature so sometimes even the most clockwise of girls can be late in season and this we have no control over, and will impact when your puppy will be available.

We allocate up to five people to each litter waiting list – this is the average minimum amount of pups per litter.

Once the litter is born, we will now how many there are in the litter, the sex of the puppies and a good indication of their colouring.

1. If there are five or more pups in the litter, the first person on the list gets first choice, the second gets second choice etc…

2. For any remaining pups we will contact people waiting on later litters to see if they wish to be considered for having a puppy earlier.

3. If there are less than five pups, the allocation sequence is as (1), but if we “run out” before we get to you, we will attempt to fit you in on the next suitable litter’s waiting list.

4. If you choose to opt out of the litter we will attempt to fit you in the next suitable litter’s waiting list and everyone on the list below you moves up and the allocation process is as (1) & (2).

5. Every now and then we will have a litter of pups with no waiting list attached and these will be allocated as (2).

When you join the waiting list by paying the £30 (which you receive back in puppy food when you come to bring your puppy home) we have a chat by email or phone to make sure you are happy with what you have chosen and I am happy it’s the right puppy for you.

If, within 10 days of paying your deposit, you decide at this point to pull out then £20 of your deposit will be refunded (the other £10 covers admin / time / Paypal fee etc). Once we are past this stage the £30 is non-refundable. I hope this is understandable… we are putting this in place to ensure you one of our puppies and in the meantime will be turning other prospective puppy owners away.

Sprocker prices:-

  • £800 - Solid Black / Solid Brown / Black & White / Liver (brown) & White / Lemon Roan / Gold / Fox Red
  • Next Unallocated Sprocker Puppy Born Approx Nov 2019

Springer Spaniels:-

  • £900 - Black & White / Liver & White
  • Next Unallocated Springer Puppy Born Approx Sep 2019

Cocker Spaniels:-

  • £950 - Solid Black / Solid Chocolate / Gold / Fox Red / Lemon Roan
  • Next Unallocated Cocker Puppy Born Approx Sep 2019

The button below will take you to a new page where you can enter your preferences re your puppy.

You will need to have registered with Uggeshall Kennels and to have "validated" your email address, if you have already bought a newsletter or book from us, you will already be registered and your email address will have been validated.

Following entry of your preferences, you will be taken through the deposit payment process. Collection of the £30 deposit uses Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account, Paypal accepts most debit and credit cards on its secure payment process.

When the deposit has been paid, you will be given access to view the Breeding Status page, and Anne-Marie will contact you to discuss the puppy you are seeking and when it might be available.

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