Tarka - Uggeshall Soul of Saraphiel

Tarka - Uggeshall Soul of Saraphiel

Kennel Club Registration No: AT04425208

Working Cocker Spaniel - Gold / Fox Red

BVA eye test/goniouscopy CLEAR 7/2017
AMS – Heterozygous – this means Tarka is a carrier of this gene but as long as he is mated with a bitch who is clear of AMS no puppies will inherit this hereditary trait. Please follow the link below for more information
Hip score 12


A little bit about Tarka...

I cannot even begin to tell you the pleasure this dog brings me, it is of the utmost raw emotion that fills me to the brink of happy joyful tears. Even just at the thought of him. Born of the now retired wonderful Bay (nicknamed Huffelpuff for no understandable reason, simply because it suits her) and Tango (he who sleeps on my head as a jaunty red fox hat) he was destined to be brilliant. The previous litter from which his older sister Aurai came from had a tale of sadness in it that I could never begin to explain why it touched me so, maybe that’s why I well up in tears at the sight of them and it will certainly never leave me, so deeply is it engrained. For this this reason Tarka’s litter are named after Angels because, as anybody who has a sibling will agree, this is who and what they are and look upon you with such love it beggars belief.

Stud fee: £400

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Breezybrook Tango Sire Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook FTAW Sire Chyknell Gold Star FTCH
Dam Crowden Fizz of Fernshot
Dam Breezybrook Frolic Sire Breezybrook Trouper
Dam Firefox of Breezybrook
Dam Merops Apaister Sire Kiltonbeck Violin Sire Norbeck Riley FTW
Dam Whaupley Cinnamon FTW
Dam Kenmillix Domini Daisy Sire Jenoren Biff
Dam Cressett Silk
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