BreezyBrook Tango, Aka ‘Tango’, Born 20th May 2011

Tango - Breezybrook Tango

Working Cocker Spaniel - Gold / Fox Red

Kennel Club registration No: AM02615001

Tango is hereditarily clear from ‘FN’ and ‘prcd-PRA'.
BVA eye tested / gonioscopy – Clear 7/2017

Tango is a proven sire, and has produced gold, lemon roan, fox red puppies to date. He is of a smaller more compact build than Teddy, a quick learner with a very biddable nature.

A little bit about Tango...

Tango is the ‘James Bond’ of the canine world. Ruggedly handsome, slender and muscular, anyone who meets him is instantly charmed, he adores visitors and family alike and has no worries about any forward behavior even if he has only just met you, but he is charm personified, so instantly forgiven.

He and Teddy do occasionally square up to each other (perfectly normal behavior given their labels of ‘super stud’), but it’s over in a flurry since both of them are far too good tempered to bother with such a waste of time – after all they are lovers not fighters!

Stud fee: £400.00

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook FTAW Sire Chyknell Gold Star FTCH Sire Danderw Druid FTCH
Dam Chyknell Jessica FTCH
Dam Crowden Fizz of Fernshot Sire Sandford Black Mamba
Dam Highcrest Gypsy
Dam Breezybrook Frolic Sire Breezybrook Trouper Sire Danderw Druid FTCH
Dam Cresset Chocolate Drop of Breezbrook
Dam Firefox of Breezybrook Sire Elan Oscar of Harpersbrook
Dam Teasal of Frere Hill
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