Summer - Feather Flush

Summer - Feather Flush

Working English Springer Spaniel - Liver and White

Kennel Club registration No: AP01869907

Summer is a true delight. She sits on guard on your heel, gently pressing into your leg waiting for a command so subtle that’s it almost intuition and then she is off to do whatever bidding you have asked of her. In her happiness to see you she twirls around like a whirling dervish, ears flying and eyes alight, you can almost hear the happiness sing from her body once she is released into the open. Tail up and nose down, off she goes, back on a whistle and straight to the leg. Perfection in motion. On meeting her in the kennels she will be the one quietly sitting at the back (like Nellie) whilst the others vie for your attention, but your gaze will be drawn to this elegant face despite all the hoo-ha around you.

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Liechryd Toby of Flintwood Sire Edwardiana Robb Sire Knockmany Jumbo
Dam Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper
Dam Lunar Star of Beggarbush Sire Clarburgh Art
Dam Tiradamuchaf Helen
Dam Nederscot Lagans Lassie Sire Tynywaun Toddy Sire Laganmill Malvern
Dam Precious Keepsake
Dam Botin Hellen of Nederscot Sire Hazelshank Tip
Dam Grangeview Hazel
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