Why a Spaniel

Why choose a Spaniel

If you already have a spaniel then you can skip this bit since you are already converted but to the uninitiated here we go….

The basic fact is that they are lovely to look at, strong, merry, compact, almond shaped eyes in many a hue, which are always glittering and twinkling at you. They are the happiest, friendliest, bouncy, biddable (most of the time) and loyal breed I have come across. You will never be lonely or bored if you have a spaniel to take care of.

Ours will sit patiently all day while you paint a fence. Flopping down (usually as close to you and the paint as possible) pretending to be asleep with boredom but one eye half squinting at you; as you move along the fence they will too, flopping down again with a resigned air of martyrdom. Ours frequently sport a splash or splosh of paint and they think it’s the most hilarious option to try and wash it off themselves in the duck pond… the kids have learnt that on hearing loud indignant quacking means it’s time to rush and shut all entrances to the house before the aforementioned (now wet plus covered in paint) dog feels it is their sworn duty to come and show his or her owners how clever and thoughtful they have been.

Of course these things do not happen to all Spaniel owners. You might not have a pond nor have certain smaller humans who forget to shut the gate to the pond…

They are the most loyal dogs. Billy has stood guard over me for weeks after a rather unexpected riding incident left me bed ridden. Refusing to leave my side he had to be dragged away from me (and he was not a happy bunny about that!) so he at least got to relieve himself. However he would find his way back to me post haste and took up his position at the bottom of the bed and there he would stay. Even as I write now I am surrounded by dogs – Eddie is giving himself a thorough slurping wash, Tango is pushed up against my legs and I have a puppy across my toes. Heaven.

Finally (and I could go on and on) they really do have a firm unshakable belief that any food left within a spaniels (long) reach has been left there for him. Particularly homemade cakes specifically concocted for an occasion and/or that last most delicious bit of a sandwich that you inadvertently put down for a brief moment. You have been warned.

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