Skye - Uggeshall Fury Of Sunrise

Skye - Uggeshall Fury Of Sunrise

Working Springer Spaniel

Kennel Club registration No: AT02358801

This young lady, daughter of Eddie and Blue, was named in honour after our recently retired and Mother of Ernie liver and white Springer ‘Sky’. Having said this she is very much an individual character and certainly carving out her own path here at Uggeshall Kennels. Being a daughter of Blue (like Willow) does give you a high benchmark to live up to and she is certainly on her way now to being as fabulous as her Mother. Being a daughter of Eddie brings its own linage to the cause; anyone who has met Eddie knows he is the softest creature you can find, horribly clever and entirely devoted to his owners. Skye is the same, more shy than her kennel mate Whisp but once she makes her own mind up on the scenario in front of her she is as loving to you as if her whole life depended on it….

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Lightning At Midnight Sire Helmsway Heath FTCH Sire Clangregor Albammach of Biteabout
Dam Helmsway Honey
Dam Clodahill Lego Sire Skronedale Remus
Dam Clodahill Annie
Dam Goldcombe Firecrest Sire Hard at Art of Flintwood Sire Clarburgh Art FTCH
Dam Whitehope Ginnie
Dam Goldcombe Moonstar Dancer Sire Steadroc Acker of Flintwood FTCH
Dam Woodcock Willmar
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