Shadow - Uggeshall Moonlight Shadow

Shadow - Uggeshall Moonlight Shadow

Working Cocker Spaniel

Kennel Club registration No: AS01796401

Shadow is one of Jades’ slinky black daughters. More mischievous than her sisters but funny with it, she is a ‘collector’….lost a glove? She has snaffled it out of your pocket…puppies missing a toy….she has ‘acquired’ it….all of her special stash gets quietly hidden in inaccessible places around the property and you only find it when you are not looking for it. She is certainly got an aura of a St Trinian’s school girl about her, but that makes her such an individual that you can pick her out in a crowd of smiling spaniels in an instant, and if you can’t well that means she has busily borrowing one of her sisters favourite sticks whilst they are not looking…an art form in itself!

Hereditarily health tested Clear for ‘FN’, ‘prcd-PRA’ and ‘AMS’

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Gunsmoke Gold Finch Sire Ammerdown Cassidy Sire Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin
Dam Heolybwlch Cariad Of Ammerdown FTAW
Dam Steinhugel Wispy Willow Sire Borrowfield Midge Of Stagsbrae
Dam Porterslodge Willow
Dam Lindrob Jade Sire Mallowdale Munro FTAW Sire Danderw Druid FTCH
Dam Mallowdale Guppy FTCH
Dam Blackjacks Beauty of Lindrob Sire Cheweky Blastoise
Dam Dunsforth Jazz
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