Ruby - Uggeshall Ruby Dragon

Ruby - Uggeshall Ruby Dragon

Working Cocker Spaniel - Gold

Kennel Club registration No: AR00847002

Daughter of River and Ted, this gold cocker moves like lightening, and is always so overjoyed to see you, that several victory laps of the kennels are always the order of the day. More grounded than her Mother (which is a good thing in the long run), she is yet to take on the mantle of jumping into your arms at full pelt. She has her Mothers face and her Fathers solid body covered in the most beautiful lustrous coat. Unlike her occasional partner in crime India (some naughtiness is totally accepted at a young age), she is first out of the kennels and run (normally between my legs) and across the field in a gold flash. Overjoyed to see everyone - even the grumpy goats - she is happiness personified.

Ruby will be retiring late 2018

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Gunsmoke Gold Finch Sire Ammerdown Cassidy Sire Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin
Dam Heolybwlch Cariad Of Ammerdown FTAW
Dam Steinhugel Wispy Willow Sire Borrowfield Midge Of Stagsbrae
Dam Porterslodge Willow
Dam Riverford Beauty Sire Timsgarry Malvern Of Colstongorse Sire Timsgarry Barlow
Dam Little Midge Of Timsgarry FTAW
Dam Valefarm Rosemary Sire Russjancoe Jumping Joe Of Cheweky
Dam Colstongorse Rosemary
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