Ripple - Elegant Lady of Eshwinning

Ripple - Elegant Lady of Eshwinning

Working Cocker Spaniel - Lemon Roan

Kennel Club registration No: AQ01663704

‘Very fast’ is the first words that come to mind when I think of Ripple. Her daughter is flying past all the competition in South Africa when it comes to Agility. But Ripple has very kind eyes and a face that always looks happy. She is also very good at lulling you into a false sense of security – her face says ‘ I am going to be very well behaved and sit here looking like butter wont melt in my mouth whilst you open the gate to my run’….but what it doesn’t say is ‘and then I am going to wiz past you at such a speed you won’t realise I have gone till too late’…From this point on she is over the gate and acquired some form of entry into the house to be greeted with great delight by various household members. Impossible to be cross with her though!

Clear FN & prcd Mutation Test for PRA

Clear gonioscopy and current BVA eye test

Clear AMS

Ripple will be retiring late 2018

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Midland Wally of Fallowfen Sire Mynddislwyn Sunset Sire Rowston Robbie
Dam Priorsmeadow Moonbeam
Dam Hint of white Sire Uncle Pat
Dam Blue Sugar
Dam Barrackswood Smirnoff Ice Sire Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt Sire Whaupley River
Dam Maran Mean
Dam Ravenriver Fenal Sire Norbeck Cash Boy
Dam Benbanks Prudence
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