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These days Richard doesn’t have as much time to spare in the shooting season, so his gundogs are not just put to work during the colder months but become part of the fabric of his life here at Uggeshall. So making them family dogs as well as working gundogs. Taking into account that every shoot day is a blessing, a perfect reason to escape and revel in something his heart beats for, it makes sense that only the right dogs are earmarked for this task. There is nothing as magnificent as watching a dog ‘work’, really... google it and watch…its incredible. Our little black Cocker Jade (Mother of Phoebe, Shadow, India, Hazel and River) will always take pride of place beside him when clad in tweed but he does have two younger bitches waiting in the wings who are now being shared with the world at large our premium pedigree ‘Georgie’ and ‘Fern’.

Our premium pedigree working Gundogs

We are very proud to say we own two of "Countryway’s Gundogs" English Springer Spaniel bitches. They are the Lamborghini of the Spaniel pedigree world. I originally (just by luck!) found Sky (Countryways Kerry) who is now retired but during my time with her I realised what an amazing little dog she was (and still is by the way). Even though retired from breeding Sky is still out there still being the outstanding field trial dog that she always was (I get regular updates and visits). And, true to form, she has been introduced to the delights of sleeping on a bed and the grooming parlour. Showing how versatile this line of dogs are.

But first why are these two more special than the others? It’s a fair question and in all honestly it boils down to their bloodline. They both will still make fantastic pets but they also have the ability engrained in them to be fantastic field trial dogs and gundogs too. Its like buying a ham sandwich from Harrods Food Hall as opposed to Tesco. Both have the same result (in quenching your desire for sustenance) but one contained ham from a rare pig living the high life being hand feed by footman whereas the other came from a free range pig who had a happy life wallowing in mud with fellow porkies.

An introduction to David Templer owner of Countryways Gundogs.

It has been my hobby for the last thirty years to own and train predominantly gundogs, though I have also worked with fox hounds. I became professional in 1987, where we started training for the shooting field and competition. In those days I used to train quite a lot of Labradors as well as most pointer breeds. Breaking into competitive spaniels around 7 years later.

I consider myself as slightly different to most kennels as I still shoot a lot of driven days, and spend a great deal of my time shooting over dogs. We like to produce a fit athletic type of dog, but with a soft, easy temperament. I believe that temperament is paramount to the development of a good companion.

Over the years we have sold dogs to all walks of life. Lots of our dogs would go as companion dogs/pets. A large percentage go as hunting dogs, and the rest as competitive dogs. We pride our self in taking a great deal of time with each of our customers so that they end up with the right dog for them. We stand on our reputation, and most people are now on their second or third dog from us.

We believe its all in the breeding, that is why I have some of the top bred bitches in the country and I am not afraid to bring in new blood lines. I believe that everybody deserves a dog that is easy to train.

David Templer

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