Puppy Owner Training

Puppy Owner Training

A lot of the pups that leave here go to first time owners and to people who have not had a puppy for a long while and are quietly overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and differing opinions out there in the big wide world.

Many of us (me included) got our Spaniel when Facebook and any other social media was’nt a ‘thing’ so did jump into dog ownership with a bit more gung ho than people today. These days my advice to all my puppy owners is not to read too much, don’t ask too many questions on Facebook unless you want 20 or 30 differing opinions to choose from. Get a good book and read it instead.

In the meantime I have invented ‘Puppy Owner’ training. Consider it brushing up on your knowledge if you have had a dog in the past, or getting the simple basics showed to you – no more or no less than you will need. It will be in a private place so you can ask the silliest of questions in the full knowledge you wont be laughed at. Believe me Richard still roars with laughter at me when I ask him questions based on his lifetime experience with dogs so I know what it feels like – doesn’t bother me since he doesn’t know how to get from Highgate to Kensington on the London Underground but I do. Not sure if that is relevant or useful but there you go.

The session is about an hour between 9:00AM and 10:00AM, it doesn’t need to be the same points covered and you are welcome to bring up to two members of your family to the session to help things to stick in your minds and get the most benefit out of me. We will include:

  • Puppy name games
  • Whistle work if you intend to use one
  • Walking to heel without a lead around our garden
  • Lead walking
  • Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Applying flea and worm treatments
  • Games to play around the house

Each one hour training session costs £48 (money well spent)

To book Puppy Owner Training:-

  • Enter your mobile number, if not already displayed
  • Enter the dogs name
  • Click the "Book" button on each of the day(s) you want to receive training
  • If you change your mind, you can Click on the "Unbook" button to remove an entry

A cart will be generated charging you the per session fee for each session

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