Phoebe - Uggeshall Tawny

Phoebe - Uggeshall Tawny

Working Cocker Spaniel - Chocolate

Kennel Club registration No: AQ01825109

Phoebe is Jade and Ted’s older daughter. Born a chocolate delight, she is deepening in colour as she grows. Quieter than India, she is thoughtful sensitive girl, and is usually the politest one of the gang. Don’t be completely fooled by the good girl exterior though, like any clever being she uses her brownie points to full advantage when it suits her! As with any very intelligent dog, she was easily trained, and I would expect her offspring to be the same. She is very much her own person (or dog), which seems to be a trait that Jade bestows, thus making her happy to be by herself or playing with the others.

Hereditarily health tested Clear for ‘FN’, ‘prcd-PRA’ and ‘AMS’

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Gunsmoke Gold Finch Sire Ammerdown Cassidy Sire Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin
Dam Heolybwlch Cariad Of Ammerdown FTAW
Dam Steinhugel Wispy Willow Sire Borrowfield Midge Of Stagsbrae
Dam Porterslodge Willow
Dam Lindrob Jade Sire Mallowdale Munro FTAW Sire Danderw Druid FTCH
Dam Mallowdale Guppy FTCH
Dam Blackjacks Beauty of Lindrob Sire Cheweky Blastoise
Dam Dunsforth Jazz
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