Our Platinum Service

Our Platinum Service

I had used the word ‘platinum’ since I genuinely believe that we offer a gold service to each and every puppy without fail. But in the past few years I noticed that when Richard and I started working with our own puppies (i.e. the ones we have chosen from a litter for ourselves) that the extra work we put in from week six made a huge difference to how they trained. Walking to heel on a loose lead, coming back when called (very important!) and general more advanced behaviour. And, since we are very good at picking out the escape artist or the one training to be Pavarotti, I can say that it works with all the pups from the shy ones through to the divas….

So what do we do?

These days the early training is down to Richard. Having decades of experience behind him plus working with the dogs seven days a week gives him ample opportunity to get pups started with all manner of things. So as long as you have chosen a name he can start teaching the pups his / her name, get the puppy walking close to him and not running off (good recall basically and a great foundation for recall), crate training, used to being in a car and started walking on the lead. We do make sure that the pup is well socialised with other humans apart from Richard so my daughters play a big part too in carting pups around the house as does anyone else in passing. Come for a cup of coffee and a catch up will often find you with a puppy on your lap!

This used to be an added service to the cost of your puppy but we feel it is so effective and does set our Spaniels apart that is now included in the price of your puppy. If there is any specific that worries you please let Richard know and I am sure he can put your mind at ease.

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