Our Platinum Service

Our Platinum Service

We use the word ‘platinum’ service since we genuinely believe that we offer a gold service to each and every puppy as it stands without fail. In the past few years we have noticed that when we start working with our puppies (i.e. the ones we have chosen from a litter for ourselves) that the extra work we put in from six weeks made a huge difference in the long run.

So what can we do ‘extra’ for you?

At six weeks of age the pups are still with their mother so the first few days is taking the pup out of their kennel with their mother at their side and encouraged to follow their mum and one if us around and about, up the side of the house where we often have thundering lorries and Tractors, into the Orchard to see the other dogs, and on to the field to see the world at large. When the pup is happy with this, Mother is left behind (usually having a well-earned nap in a sunny spot or in front of the fire in the Office).

From this point pups should be happily trundling round after our boots, often tripping us up in their closeness. From here the collar and lead comes naturally closely followed by introduction to crates and cars. You are very welcome to post us a bed for your puppy which we will move between car and crate. We have crates set up in the office so pups can spend time in their bed and get used to a crate in their own time. We can also start the sleeping by themselves for you if you are concerned about this factor.

It is incredibly important that pups are socialised with many different people and environments at this early age. Hence all pups will be handled by Matilda and Tabitha (Anne-Marie’s daughters) finding the puppies all over the family home in and out of bedrooms and being introduced to YouTube and the like. The socialising also includes various trips around the house whilst our lovely office manager, girl Friday and cleaner Louise is wading her way through the house dogs and cats. She has become quite an expert with cleaning and looking after pups at the same time.

All of this does make a difference however it is not suitable for some people with a little more experience under their belts and feel confident with the first few weeks of having their pup at home. We charge £150 for this work and feel every penny is well earned and really helps the pup and his or her development for the long term. Please let us know if you are interested sooner than later and then we can get going on it for you.

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