Uggeshall Kennels Newsletter

A lot happens here month by month, pups are born, pups leave, new dogs sometimes arrive and sometimes our faithful girls are retired. We always try to just work with people who get and keep in contact with us when it comes to all matters canine, since we would rather not advertise to the world at large and feel comfortable in our personal community we have built ourselves.

In order to actually inform anyone who is interested we have put together a monthly newsletter and as anyone who vaguely knows me, I do love to write, so it’s a perfect opportunity to sit and talk to myself, spaniel on foot and type happily away with a large ‘do not disturb’ sign on the office door. This is intended for anyone who loves spaniels (you don’t even need to own one!) and are interested in their day to day life.

Every month we will let you know:

  • Which girl is expecting puppies - combining this with lots more background information and pedigree lines on that particular dog. Photos of past litters, little anecdotes about their behaviour, photos from our own collection and news about their waiting lists.
  • A look ahead to who we are planning on breeding next - the ability to have some advance warning on waiting list time. And ball park dates on when these litters would be due.
  • Having the newsletter will also put you directly onto our mailing list – if we ever have any dogs that need re-homing, puppies whose new owners have had a ‘change of heart’ or any pups for sale we will email you first before we put the news to the world at large. Of course, this information will be shared with all our Facebook followers and those already on our waiting list.
  • Monthly ‘truly, healthy and scrumptious’ (our own gourmet dog treat’s) recipes and photos.
  • Training tips - we run a series of training ideas and tips from month to month (past issues can be downloaded so you don’t miss out on the important beginnings).
  • Occasionally our dog owners personal Q&A - hopefully solving some common problems and habits for you all.
  • Uggeshall kennels photo gallery - our puppy and dog owners are invited to show off their photos for all to see and admire.
  • Monthly special offers from our e-shop.
  • And any other little bits and pieces that seem relevant for that month!


12 monthly newsletters starting 01-Jan-1 - Only £6.50

Also includes access to all historic newsletters (which began in April 2015)

from the home of the Uggeshall Kennels Spaniels.

(The monthly newsletter will be sent via email as a pdf attachment)

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