Fallowfens Lemon Sherbert , Aka ‘Nevil’

Nevil - Fallowfens Lemon Sherbert

Working Cocker Spaniel – Lemon roan

Kennel Club registration No: AS03510304

Nevil (named after Richards Father) is King of the Kitchen. This is where he has his bed, or more to point, where he spends a lot of time repositioning his favourite blanket into warm corners. He does much prefer sleeping on my lovely chair cushions which he does a commando like crawl to gain access to and will gently tug surreptitiously at the corner of the cushion and make off with them.

As far as he is concerned when I am in the kitchen he is my dog and no one else is allowed to talk to me AT ALL so he sits on my feet and at the sight of any approaching interloper he jumps on my lap…never minding the fact I am having a gulp of coffee or such like. He has two hobbies; the first is chasing his tail – often done after he has been told off, as an act of embarrassment I reckon. The second hobby is Daisy the cat. Daisy lives in the laundry room (definite theme going on here), and Nevil is desperate to get at her. So the game continues daily with Nevil beside himself with frustration that she manages to keep just of his reach, kitchen worktops, dining tables, behind the many baby gates we have around the house (my kids are now champion hurdlers) and when Daisy gets bored she just saunters straight up to him and shoves her head into his chest. Game over.

Hereditarily health tested Clear for ‘FN’ and ‘prcd-PRA’
BVA eye tested / gonioscopy – Clear 7/2017
Acral Mutilation Syndrome – Clear
Hip Score – 9

Stud fee: £400.00

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Miraremire Minstrel Sire Snowdell Sebastien Sire Chyknell Gold Star FTCH
Dam Kyvallack Sandpiper of Snowdell
Dam Kaelas Pride Sire Mallowdale Gun FTCH
Dam Kenmilfore Holly
Dam Griffmoor Amethyst Sire Dardnell Dealer FTCH Sire Parkbreck Jefferson
Dam Larford Celt FTAW
Dam Hawksbeck Sandy Lass Sire Countryways Druif
Dam Ryeseph Absolutly fabulous
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