Nellie - Surework Heidi

Nellie - Surework Heidi

Working English Springer Spaniel - Liver and White

Kennel Club registration No: AQ03952801

Originally from a pure working background it took a while for Nellie to acclimatise to the hustle and bustle here. She has obviously never met children before since she took one look at my daughters and run off shrieking (Tilly was dressed as a Viking at the time), so it was a back of the car on the school run job for quite a while. She is still not very sure what boys are and is still a little shy but she is a clever girl. She is a watcher…with the other dogs bouncing around in front of her, she considers the situation, is it worth me barging my way through that lot? Or should I wait till they have calmed down and then wend my way to the front? She is amazingly tolerant of all the other girls using her as some form of springboard and this has made her an amazingly caring and patient mother.

Clear - PRA & Fuco

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £850

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Go Go Speedy Sire Clanicker Mick FTCH Sire Clarburgh Al FTCH
Dam Clarburgh Golden Girl FTCH
Dam Cidwrlily of Kwamaritane Sire Clarburgh Art FTCH
Dam Caulliechat Blanc
Dam Krysteph Luch Sire Edwardiana Tango Sire Laganmill Malvern
Dam Toonarmy Torrent
Dam Kinnerton Indiana Sire Bradwall Billy
Dam Kinnerton Dunlin
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