My Family & Other Animals

Once upon a time there was a heavily pregnant hormonal woman who decided that their life in a semi detached house in London was not the way forward for their future life. Hence bags and animals packed (one grumpy cat and a rather odd Spaniel) into a fleet of semi decaying cars and three generations of family left London for good, heading towards a new challenge in a Suffolk small holding. Think of this book as a tale of inexperienced urbanites tackling the great outdoors with some unexpected consequences, lots of rather embarrassing moments and be ready to giggle at their ineptitude. Life changing for them and maybe food for thought for you!

Anne-Marie Millard 2016

Hard Copy - £9.99 Or Kindle - £4.90 available from Amazon

Or as Pdf Download - £5.50

from the home of the Uggeshall Kennels Spaniels.

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