Lead Training Mini Book with videos

For puppies and grown up dogs who should know better!

Getting your puppy off to a good start both on and off the lead is important, and I have had enough experience to have learned (hopefully!) from my own mistakes, many of which I repeated a few times over with my own puppies leaving me with a clear view of what to do with our lovely Spaniel puppies (and what not to do).

I have also fallen fowl of not keeping up the good work, notably with Billy, Teddy and Ernie who are such big boys that it made taking them out on the lead become embarrassing and physically hard work. However all three of them now are reformed characters (though Billy will attempt to take Matilda for a walk given half a chance) that the process for getting your dog back on track might take a bit of a boring while but it does work, honest!

Anne-Marie Millard 2017

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from the home of the Uggeshall Kennels Spaniels.

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