India - Uggeshall Indian Summer

India - Uggeshall Indian Summer

Working Cocker Spaniel - Black

Kennel Club registration No: AR00898901

India was always meant to be a star. With Jade as her Mother and Ted as the sire, there has been no stopping this little black ball of Cocker Spaniel. It can be noted she has her Mothers backside (a complement in this case), which means it wiggles as she walks, self propelling the rest of her body along. Her deep dark eyes lull you into her world, a trait of her Mother. She is not one to follow the crowd, quite self possessed she does not need to come charging out of her kennel and run with the girls, in fact she is quietly sneaky in waiting for them to get wound up and distracted by my approach and then stealing their favourite toy and quietly playing with it whilst their backs are turned.

Hereditarily health tested Clear for ‘FN’, ‘prcd-PRA’ and ‘AMS’

India will be retiring late 2018

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Gunsmoke Gold Finch Sire Ammerdown Cassidy Sire Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin
Dam Heolybwlch Cariad Of Ammerdown
Dam Steinhugel Wispy Willow Sire Borrowfield Midge Of Stagsbrae
Dam Porterslodge Willow
Dam Lindrob Jade Sire Mallowdale Munro Sire Danderw Druid
Dam Mallowdale Guppy
Dam Blackjacks Beauty of Lindrob Sire Cheweky Blastoise
Dam Dunsforth Jazz
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