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Home From Home

We are now able to offer Home From Home holiday boarding for our Uggeshall Spaniels. It is obviously would be far too much of a trek for many of you, but for you lot in our vicinity we like to give you great peace of mind that your beloved has returned ‘home’ for a little spoiling, cuddles and the reassurance that you know we will look after your Spaniel like it is our own (which obviously was once!).

We will only take maximum of two dogs at a time and depending on the dog we will tailor his or her stay to match the individual character. On a daily basis your Spaniel will be in the office with Anne-Marie and Louise, out and about with Richard and sleep in the house at night. I would expect Harold to take them under his wing, for all his gangling legs his is a great source of love and humility to every creature he meets so we trust him to act as surrogate family.

We would need up to date vaccines including Kennel Cough please. If you can bring your dogs bed and possibly a favourite toy (which we will attempt to not get waylaid by any of the others) and their food. A good long walk every day (if you have any problems with pulling on the lead we will try and see what we can do but cannot promise an instant result!) and lots of playtime throughout the day. As per usual we will be here for any reassurance that you need that your dog is fine whenever you need it.

We are charging £35.00 per night for a single dog and £50 per night for two dogs sharing a kennel, both including VAT. Money very well spent on your Spaniels behalf!

To create a Home From Home Holiday Boarding booking:-

  • Enter your mobile number, if not already displayed
  • Enter the dogs name
  • Click on the "Drop Off" button on the day you want to drop the dog off
  • Click on the "Collect" button on the day you want to collect the dog

A cart will be generated charging you the per night fee

Please check the details and click "Confirm" booking - this will take you to View Cart and Checkout
(Note that the booking will be cancelled if payment confirmation is not received from Paypal within 30 minutes from "Confirm")

You need to login in to the website to make a booking. Please click to go to the Login page

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