Hazel - Uggeshall Hazelnut Delight

Hazel - Uggeshall Hazelnut Delight

Working Cocker Spaniel - Chocolate

Kennel Club registration No: AS01796403

Hazel is very much her own ‘woman’, although Phoebe, India and Shadow are her sisters she does stand apart from them in character. On letting her off to greet people she does do quite a remarkable feat of bouncing off any piece of furniture in her way, completely confusing anyone concerned, onto my desk and then onto whoever is closest lap. Hence I don’t let her off the lead to anyone without having seen a medical note first. Having said all that from that moment forward she is perfectly polite and well mannered. She was incredibly easy to train, in fact I don’t actually remember doing that much with her; like her Mother Jade she is totally pre-programmed to walk well on a lead, sit and stay and come back when called. That’s quite a mean feat from a dog that on first glance does a very good Ninja impersonation!

Hereditarily health tested Clear for ‘FN’, ‘prcd-PRA’ and ‘AMS’

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Gunsmoke Gold Finch Sire Ammerdown Cassidy Sire Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin
Dam Heolybwlch Cariad Of Ammerdown FTAW
Dam Steinhugel Wispy Willow Sire Borrowfield Midge Of Stagsbrae
Dam Porterslodge Willow
Dam Lindrob Jade Sire Mallowdale Munro FTAW Sire Danderw Druid FTCH
Dam Mallowdale Guppy FTCH
Dam Blackjacks Beauty of Lindrob Sire Cheweky Blastoise
Dam Dunsforth Jazz
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