Gundog or Lapdog?

Flo, Izzy B, Jade, Breeze and Willow are the dogs that ‘work’ with Richard on a regular basis and are particularly good at having a mammoth sulk when another one of them goes leaving them behind. Jade has the advantage of living in the house so she can keep a close eye on what Richard is wearing… now retired from breeding this lovely little black Cocker from whom we have five daughters is a fantastic example that some Spaniels make perfect all round pets. She is more than capable of doing a whole day out with Richard picking up, she knows her job instinctively upside down and back to front but (and it is a big BUT) she is also a perfect lapdog. One day out working all day, the next day cuddled up with my daughter Tabitha watching her on various devices (laptop, iPhone etc.) and having a thoroughly nice time of it.

We do make a particular point of trying to find great working pedigree lines so we can produce a gundog that every fibre of their being is stuffed full of instinctiveness, all pure second nature, almost training you as opposed to the other way round. So we can (if it’s a gundog that you want) tell you which combination of dogs will be best for you but another big BUT the large majority of our dogs go as family pets and since our business is built around three generations of family it is something that we hold as very important. We have had Spaniels through all ages from babies, toddlers, ‘tweens’ and teenage and there has never been a problem. If there was a problem the dog would go – quite simple. When we buy new young dogs they live by the house and become part of our lives and are not introduced to the world at large until we are know we can not only trust them with our family but yours too.

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