Georgie - Clearmeadow Georgie

Georgie - Clearmeadow Georgie

Working English Springer Spaniel - Liver and White

Kennel Club registration No: AT03301602

Georgie moves like a dressage horse, light as a cloud and as if she is walking on hot coals. She makes no noise as she approaches you at any speed and it is as if she is propelled and levitated by a silent gust of wind which lets her turn in mid-air with the utmost grace. It is apparent that she has lived a life of happiness, having no concerns or predetermined worries about any living soul. She is genuinely untainted with any bad memories or thought, utterly pure in every way. She is Richards dog and follows him with her eyes at a constant pace waiting to see what they are up to next; for the family she is happy in doors but Richard means a whole new world opening up to her over the last season. She is going to be an outstanding Gundog during the season and a superbly happy pet during the rest of the year

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Dawsonlee Chance FTCH Sire Rytex Rolex FTCH Sire Kettlestang Comet FTCH
Dam Clarburgh Amy FTCH
Dam Rosebay Tara FTCH Sire Clarburgh Art FTCH
Dam Craighaar Holly FTCH
Dam Whiznic Waltz Of Countryways FTW Sire Maesyronen Markettrader FTCH Sire Kettlestang Clipper FTCH
Dam Maesydderwen Whisper FTCH
Dam Whiznic Wizzard FTCH Sire Glancarw Rhys FTCH
Dam Lady Esk
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