Elley - Wyndhill Skye

Elley - Wyndhill Skye

Working Cocker Spaniel - Black

Kennel Club registration No: AP04176502

This girl has the most amazing coat, luxurious inky black with deep blue highlights when caught by the sunshine. Like her friend Jenny she is one of the quiet Cockers, wanting to be loved more than anything else, having a Mallowdale pedigree lineage (like Teddy) she is a solid dog with a happy heart. If she was a child she would be the quiet one at the back of the class, never making any trouble, always happy to help and willing to lend hair bands and rubbers to all her class mates and never asking for them back, bringing handmade cupcakes in on her birthday to share….I think you get the idea?

Elley has retired

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Mallowdale Zebedee of Ardyle FTAW Sire Dardnell Dealer FTCH Sire Parkbreck Jefferson
Dam Larford Celt FTAW
Dam Mallowdale Olga FTCH Sire Mallowdale Rackatear FTCH
Dam Parkbreck Lynsy
Dam Wyndhill Vivid FTCH Sire Mallowdale Grand FTCH Sire Dardnell Dealer
Dam Bellsmill Jet
Dam Wintonwildfowl Sisken FTCH Sire Reglusknowe Gold Of Maesydderwen FTCH
Dam Housty Saffron
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