Dog Well Being

Dog Well Being

Our philosophy ....

All of our dogs are an integral part of our daily lives and this priority always comes first 365 days of the year. We have a house full of dogs, both Tabitha and Matilda have their own pet Spaniels, my Mother has Bubbles as her constant companion and I am followed round the house by a gaggle of boys (namely Billy, Tango, Nevil and Eddie). They are what we see first thing when we wake up and last thing we see at night (often accompanied to the loo during the night too).

But not all of them can live in the house (we did have nine at one point but even I thought was a little over the top) so we have kennels outside. The main bank of kennels is set in our 2 acres of land, with a large run which they are free to roam around in all day, we also have our field securely set up so they can have this as a playground and we have access onto fields and rivers behind us too. They are exercised, checked over and loved every day.

The younger dogs live in our Orchard next to the house with heated kennels, so have access to charge around the orchard and garden, let themselves into the house, investigate the pond and get to know all the family including cats, hens, ducks, Elvis the Shetland and his army of goats.

Each of the bitches will have no more than 4 kennel club litters in accordance with Kennel Club guidelines. We take the health of our dogs very seriously and will be at the vets in an instant if we feel anything is wrong. When our girls retire they go and live we people we have got to know over the years (often from them having one of our puppies), they are not sold but ‘gifted’ so they can have a lovely new phase of life (and very happy they are too!!).

We are a licensed breeder which means we have a yearly inspection from the Enviromental health at our local council. They have a very stringent and correct policy on how we look after all the animals here so you can rest assured that we are an ethical, well thought through and happy place to buy your puppy from. You are welcome to come and visit and see for yourselves. There are certain days of the week where we respect our neighbours need for peace and quiet (our dogs are rather vocal at greeting people!) but we welcome you to make an appointment and come and meet us and the dogs in question.

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