Distance Puppies
Distance Puppies
Distance Puppies

Long Distance Puppy Sales

Over the last few years Uggeshall kennels has helped people all over the UK find their perfect dog for their lives and homes. We have also been exporting puppies internationally too – so far we have pups in France, Holland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Bermuda, Spain, Sweden, Dubai and South Africa. Not every breeder does it, but we do and we take a LOT of care and attention in getting your puppy to you safely and happily. The majority of the time we use PetAir which do a sterling job – keeping both us and the new owners on track and confident in their process. For shorter distances we can sort out Pet Passports and all necessary vaccinations with our very efficient vet practise. So with this experience behind us we can offer anybody the perfect package tailored to suit them and their families wherever they might live.

We also use a DEFRA approved Courier for safe and happy delivery of puppies to the further corners of the UK.

Choosing your puppy is the most important part of the process however it is not always possible to do this in person and we understand it’s not lack of interest but a very commonplace situation. Personally I have bought a decent proportion of our own dogs via video and email and out of pure respect for the people selling the dog / puppy so I have felt rest assured that I was getting what I wanted and expected.

So you have a choice. Come and visit us, there are many numbers of tried and tested superb places to stay mentioned on this website. Otherwise I can email you many photos and videos of your choices (my daughters are very good at holding puppies for this task) or we can Skype. We are also an hour away from Norwich Airport which now actually hosts many international airlines, or a couple of hours away from Stanstead. People in the past have flown into either airport and hired a car from there.

Depending on where the pup is travelling to or your personal circumstances we keep the pup up till ten weeks free of charge. Some countries require Rabies vaccination at three months of age and then stipulate that the puppy cannot travel until 21 days after the rabies jab. In these cases (if you are not in the UK) we keep the puppy for you for the extra month or so for a reasonable fee; during this time we get the puppy started on house training, lead training, socialising and very importantly used to being in and out of a crate so this is second nature by the time they leave.

We and PetAir are very happy to give you a breakdown of costs and a quote at any point.

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