Coco - County Down Rose

Coco - County Down Rose

Working English Springer Spaniel - Liver and White

Kennel Club registration No: AR02444805

Coco….well she is whirlwind of ecstatic happiness, bursting into fits of canine giggles and able to launch her personality to any visitor….’she does calm down, honest!’ I find myself saying to people as she bounces up and down behind the fence to her run. She might be nearly the smallest Springer we have but her enthusiasm for life makes her one of the biggest. She is super good at escaping, quietly appearing next to you (in the kitchen for example), her hazel eyes alight and her whole body waggling with the pleasure of your company. It’s very hard to be cross with her as you carry her back to wherever she has escaped from.

Clear – PRA & Fuco

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Birdrowe Jester Sire Birdrowe Focus FTAW Sire Craighaar Boris FTCH
Dam Birdrowe Hetty FTW
Dam Scroggwood Daisy of Birdrowe Sire Kidnais Saxon of Birdrower
Dam Ringsend Dee FTAW
Dam Tamlaght Princess Sire Gentle Mans Venture Sire Borrowfield Henry
Dam Sidgate Saphire
Dam Drumagrove Blondie Sire Rheesgreen Sailor
Dam Waxham Magic
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