Spaniel Breed



All spaniels can trace their origins back to the spaniels of Spain. Up until the 1600’s all spaniels were considered as being of the same group of dogs, with various sizes dogs in the same litter. The larger of these were the forefathers of today’s English Springer Spaniel. In 1892 the Kennel Club of Great Britain deigned Cocker and Springer spaniels as separate breeds even though they sometimes appeared in the same litter. This was soon stopped by two breed clubs and a standard conformation was made of each breed. The Kennel Club granted specific breed recognition in 1902. Both breeds are of the oldest sporting gundogs. The original purpose was for finding and springing game. Nowadays they are used to find, flush and retrieve game for the gun.

Breed Classification

Both English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels are classed as gundogs. They are the ideal breeds for the rough shooter as they will work all day on land or in water. They are also great family pets, partly because they think they are actually human and simply because they are happy by nature and eager to please.

Day to day know how

These dogs just love the outdoors and are energetic enough to go on all day. However having said that what is very important to them is human company and there will always be days where a ‘good’ walk is out the question for whatever reason and you know what? They will cope, just give them some company and a run round the garden and they will be fine. There are Spaniels that won’t cope, ones that NEED to work otherwise they will rip things apart in boredom but we promise we won’t sell the wrong type of Spaniel to the wrong people. Spaniels are part of the family and that’s what’s makes them so special.

My Mothers late Springer Bobby went everywhere with her, any sign of her picking up her car keys and he would be waiting by the gate. From this point on he was well versed in walking on the lead, sitting patiently by various shops (though one day he did make off with the metal shop sign he was attached to and was found sitting outside Boots the Chemist with a Spar sign attached to the end of his lead) or just sitting in a well ventilated car (always in the driving seat) waiting contentedly for her return. Anyone that has been here will have met Eddie the doorbell Springer who follows my every move and I am always followed by a stream of Spaniels as I wander around. It really is a lovely feeling.

Grooming wise they are easy. None of our dogs have ever been to an outside groomers. Their ears and eyes need a daily check but this takes seconds. If you see any undue scratching of the ears this is a tell-tale sign of a problem. Their feathers behind their ears, on their tails and on legs just need a brush through to untangle them every now and them. Start your pup off early with a gentle groom daily and then it becomes a pleasure for them and they won’t run off and hide (like Billy) at the sight of a grooming brush. And that’s it really, quite simple.

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