Bramble - Kinturk Aine

Bramble - Kinturk Aine

Working Springer Spaniel

Kennel Club registration No: AT02265010

Bramble smiles, not just her face but with her whole body too. She greets you daily quivering with the simple pleasure of saying hello. Since we share the same birthday I feel (not sure how normal this is) a certain affinity with her. There is something intensely likeable about her, from the moment her paws came in the gate it was as though she had been here forever. This is what I love about Springers, they have an overwhelming trust in humans, not always well founded, but they love first and learn later. Her life is just beginning with us now and I hope we can give her all the happiness and love she deserves a billion times over.

English Springer Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Clodahill Pele Sire Tearsol Flash FTCH Sire Maesyronen Markettrader FTCH
Dam Tearsol Magie
Dam Clodahill Annie Sire Rushwee Bruce
Dam Clonduff Eagle
Dam Butlerstown Flo Sire Hollydrive Theo FTCH Sire Helmsway Hawk of Witchwillows FTCH
Dam Poppet Rocket FTCH
Dam Lucky Liza Jane FTCH Sire Bramble Taff FTCH
Dam Wyndhill Jizz
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