Aurai - Uggeshall Wild Aurai

Aurai - Uggeshall Wild Aurai

Working Cocker Spaniel - Fox Red

Kennel Club registration No: AT00166001

Daughter of Tango and Bay this is our little pocket rocket whose main aim in life is to sit on your lap or preferably on your head (like her Father). Born with green eyes which have now turned amber with umber flecks, they pierce your very soul as she quivers with anticipation of quite how she is going to assault your body at that moment in time. In flash she is in your arms, snuffling her nose into your neck with pure delight. Unfortunately she vacates your arms as quickly as she attacks, each and every time making my heart leap in panic as she dives into mid-air and then onwards to her next mission.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £900

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Breezybrook Tango Sire Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook FTAW Sire Chyknell Gold Star FTCH
Dam Crowden Fizz of Fernshot
Dam Breezybrook Frolic Sire Breezybrook Trouper
Dam Firefox of Breezybrook
Dam Merops Apaister Sire Kiltonbeck Violin Sire Norbeck Riley FTW
Dam Whaupley Cinnamon FTW
Dam Kenmillix Domini Daisy Sire Jenoren Biff
Dam Cressett Silk
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