Angel - Uggeshall Aura of an Angel

Angel - Uggeshall Aura of an Angel

Cocker Spaniel

Some people did I say I was rather foolish calling a dog this name, but she has lived up to it in every sense. I try and call her line of relatives (she is daughter of Tango and beautiful retired Bay) after angels, because they quite simply are the most loving of creatures. New owners of their pups are always a tad sceptical of my reasoning but all are converted after a short while.

It is imperative for Angel to make contact with you, as her big brother Tarka, she has his piercing gaze as she gently puts a paw on your arm and looks at you intently. It is impossible to resist, she is not one that jumps up, much preferring to patiently wait her turn in whatever we are doing. But when it is her turn she becomes like liquid metal and pours herself into every piece of your being, heart, body and of course soul.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – dog or bitch £950

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Sire Breezybrook Tango Sire Fernshot Lemmy of Breezybrook FTAW Sire Chyknell Gold Star FTCH
Dam Crowden Fizz of Fernshot
Dam Breezybrook Frolic Sire Breezybrook Trouper
Dam Firefox of Breezybrook
Dam Merops Apaister Sire Kiltonbeck Violin Sire Norbeck Riley FTW
Dam Whaupley Cinnamon FTW
Dam Kenmillix Domini Daisy Sire Jenoren Biff
Dam Cressett Silk
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