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Uggeshall Kennels

My Mother and I have had Springer Spaniels for 13 years and counting. The love affair begins with a short tale of how a bereaved cat owner went to buy a replacement (cheap) kitten and came back home with a rather handsome liver and white male Springer. I cannot say it went unnoticed that a large and exuberant addition had been added to the end of terrace London townhouse and, since the dog grew, and the house didn’t an even more chancy decision was made (in my defence I was heavily pregnant) that if the house didn’t fit the dog then instead of losing the dog then we had better relocate to a more ‘spaniel’ friendly location.

So we ended up in North Suffolk, ‘we’ being my Mother and I, my then husband, a baby and a toddler, one Spaniel and a very annoyed cat. It was a long way both mentally and physically from North London. No more midnight wanderings in a drunken state to find a doner kebab here. I was instead introduced to many new delights such as a septic tank, constant power cuts and no internet or phone connection. But what I did gain was 2.5 acres of undulating field and an orchard and a purpose built ‘dog house’ and, very importantly a new happier way of life.

I did my best to covertly fill the field and house with varying types of animals (much easier in Suffolk than in London) so we are now the proud owners of Springers, Cockers and Sprockers. Cats fill the loft space and laundry room, goats and a rather temperamental Shetland (who thinks he is a dog and works to a whistle), ducks and chickens fill the field. All living in a vague harmony (most of the time).

I am not sure Richard quite knew what he was letting himself and his graceful German Short Haired Pointer in for when he became part of the family…but due to his commitment, continuous hard work and experience the kennels (and us as a family) could not do without him. We are now a partnership in every sense of the word.

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