Uggeshall Kennels

Uggeshall Kennels is based in North Suffolk near to the pretty costal town of Southwold. The kennels are run by Anne-Marie Millard and her partner Richard Botwright. Our policy is simple, good food and great care, lots of attention to detail , professional handling combine this with a hundred percent commitment to owning and raising the best of the English Springer Spaniels, working Cocker Spaniels and Sprocker Spaniels, we feel we produce Grade A dogs.

Living as a three generation family on a Small Holding it is of vital importance that our dogs and bitches have great patience, tolerance of other animals and kindness to all. This, we feel, cannot be trained completely into an animal, genetics plays a large part. With this is mind our puppies can be worked either as Gundogs or integrated into a family household.

We welcome visitors with open arms and stand firm in our pride not only in our puppies but in the parents too.

Our book 'The Sprocker Spaniel' has come together with the last couple of years of breeding Sprocker Spaniels. Covering how to find your perfect pup, questions to be asked before and after purchasing your pup, puppy proofing your house, essential kit and all the ideas and tips you need to get a successful start. See The Sprocker Spaniel

Not sure which type of Spaniel will suit you best? There are so many urban myths about Spaniels, combined with well wishers opinions of the breed, a lot of potential puppy buyers come to us knowing that a Spaniel is probably the right dog for them, but a tad confused about which one (and which sex) is the best for them. So, combining years of Spaniels as pets, working dogs and breeding and selling them, our new book Choosing A Cocker or Springer or Sprocker Spaniel is the perfect answer for you!

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Uggeshall Kennels - English Springers, Sprockers and Working Cocker Spaniels Suffolk