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Uggeshall Kennels is based in North Suffolk near to the pretty costal town of Southwold. The kennels are run by Anne-Marie Millard and her partner Richard Botwright. Our policy is simple, good food and great care, lots of attention to detail , professional handling combine this with a hundred percent commitment to owning and raising the best of the English Springer Spaniels, working Cocker Spaniels and Sprocker Spaniels, we feel we produce Grade A dogs.

Living as a three generation family on a Small Holding it is of vital importance that our dogs and bitches have great patience, tolerance of other animals and kindness to all. This, we feel, cannot be trained completely into an animal, genetics plays a large part. With this is mind our puppies can be worked either as Gundogs or integrated into a family household.

We welcome visitors with open arms and stand firm in our pride not only in our puppies but in the parents too.

New Out - Spaniel Kitchen Diaries - Nothing can beat the best quality dog food whether you have one dog or rather a lot (like us at Uggeshall Kennels) so these dog treats are not meant in any shape or form to take over the roll of a main meal but simply to enhance, treat and thank your Spaniel for all he does for you (and us). See Spaniel Kitchen Diaries

My Family & Other Animals - a tale of inexperienced urbanites tackling the great outdoors with some unexpected consequences with lots of rather embarrassing moments.

Once upon a time there was a heavily pregnant hormonal woman who decided that their life in a semi detached house in London was not the way forward for their future life. Hence bags and animals packed (one grumpy cat and a rather odd Spaniel) into a fleet of semi decaying cars and three generations of family left London for good, heading towards a new challenge in a Suffolk small holding. Life changing for them and maybe food for thought for you! See My Family & Other Animals

Edition 2 of 'The Sprocker Spaniel Magazine'. From Scotland to the South Coast of England, the Sprocker Spaniel (once a guarded secret) is now gaining momentum in popularity. From a household pet through to working dog, each issue of the magazine aims to entertain and inform all that reads it. See The Sprocker Spaniel Magazine

Our book 'The Sprocker Spaniel' has come together with the last couple of years of breeding Sprocker Spaniels. Covering how to find your perfect pup, questions to be asked before and after purchasing your pup, puppy proofing your house, essential kit and all the ideas and tips you need to get a successful start. See The Sprocker Spaniel

Not sure which type of Spaniel will suit you best? There are so many urban myths about Spaniels, combined with well wishers opinions of the breed, a lot of potential puppy buyers come to us knowing that a Spaniel is probably the right dog for them, but a tad confused about which one (and which sex) is the best for them. So, combining years of Spaniels as pets, working dogs and breeding and selling them, our new book Choosing A Cocker or Springer or Sprocker Spaniel is the perfect answer for you!

A Kid's Guide To Owning A Spaniel, written by Kids for Kids. There is nothing like having your first puppy, its a life long remembered relationship but its not just fun and games. Bringing your new pup into your life requires love, time and commitment. Just because you are a kid though, does'nt mean you can't do a great job, you just need some help, some guidelines and a bit of patience. See A Kid's Guide To Owning A Spaniel, written by Kids for Kids - no boring adults making it more complicated than it should be!

A lot happens here month by month, pups are born, pups leave, new dogs sometimes arrive and sometimes our faithful girls are retired. We always try to just work with people who get and keep in contact with us when it comes to all matters canine, since we would rather not advertise to the world at large and feel comfortable in our personal community we have built ourselves. In order to actually inform anyone who is interested we have put together a monthly newsletter and as anyone who vaguely knows me, I do love to write, so it’s a perfect opportunity to sit and talk to myself, spaniel on foot and type happily away with a large ‘do not disturb’ sign on the office door. This is intended for anyone who loves spaniels (you don’t even need to own one!) and are interested in their day to day life. See Our Newsletter for more details.

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